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The CDC has just confirmed that those who are vaccinated in America are now allowed to take off their masks. Check out the "mask off" memes here.

Future or the CDC? Here’s why “Mask Off” is Twitter’s latest meme

Is this really the beginning of the end? As vaccination rates in America continue to rise on a daily basis, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are beginning to become more lax on their recommendations. On Thursday, federal health officials have announced that those who are fully vaccinated in the U.S. can stop wearing masks or maintaining social distancing in most indoor and outdoor settings, regardless of size. 

Of course, plenty of folks are excited, and have taken to social media to celebrate. People also couldn’t help but quote the famous Future song “Mask Off” as well. Check out the funniest memes about the song and new guidelines here. 

Future vs. CDC

Future and CDC seem to have one thing in common, and that of course, is the phrase “mask off”. 

An anthem

Get ready for Future’s “Mask Off” to be the anthem of the summer. 

Future predicting the future

Hmm. . . What else do we think Future will predict next? 

America all summer 

This Seinfeld and Future mash-up is exactly what we need to start the celebration. 

Getting that cash

“Mask Off” is ready to dominate the music charts again. 

Showering in money

Future is about to look a lot like Mr. Krabs in this meme soon enough. 

Still wearing masks

Some folks have still expressed hesitation to stop wearing masks even after already being vaccinated, and we can’t blame them as we’ve really all just become so used to wearing them. 

No more excuses for us

This may be bad news for introverts everywhere today. 

The dilemmas

Are you still planning on wearing a mask even after getting vaccinated? Let us know your opinions in the comments. 

“Mask Off” 

“Mask Off” will definitely be on repeat all day today. 

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