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What are some of the most sexy Beyonce songs? Let’s take a look at some of her most sensual hits.

Drake has a new album, and the superstar has finally announced the release date. Crack open the story and find out when you can jam 'Certified Lover Boy'.

'The Simpsons' remains the Nostradamus of our times by predicting the future. See how many times the series has predicted 2021.

The tea between Lori Harvey and Future is still hot, hot, hot! Grab your kettles and dive into the reactions to the Lori Harvey and Future tea. 

Nick Cannon of 'Wild N' Out' has certainly been keeping himself busy over quarantine, as he's expecting his seventh child. Find out all the deets here.

Looks like Future is having trouble getting over Lori Harvey. But did he need to bring her dad into it? Find out what the rapper's diss track said!

The CDC has just confirmed that those who are vaccinated in America are now allowed to take off their masks. Check out the "mask off" memes here.

Is getting turned into a meme a sign that you've made it? For Future, it's just one more accomplishment. Learn the history of Future memes.

Roddy Ricch is a rising star in the contemporary hip-hop world, but the coronavirus halted his tour. Is he back on schedule for 2021?