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Where do you fall in the ultimate generation gap, boomer or Gen Z? We dropped the dankest memes on Twitter that will make you say "ok, boomer".

Prove you’re not a boomer: Send these hilarious memes to your group chat

The eternal battle continues to be waged: boomers versus Gen Z. From differing political views to different styles of jokes, the two generations seem to always be at odds in some way (just go to any family gathering to see an example)

Naturally, Twitter has been the foreground of many of these battles, especially when it comes to memes. Boomer memes versus Gen Z memes is one of the most prolific threads on Twitter, garnering many laughs from both sides. 

We searched through the internet to find the best boomer memes and their amazing Gen Z counterparts. Get ready to retweet and dive into these amazing boomer memes. 

Am I a boomer now? 

The answer is yes. Also please post it to your classroom wall anyway. 

Two sides 

This is a meme everyone can get behind. 

I could but no 

Honestly, we’d really like to see that . . . 


Oof, now that is a burn! 

Duran Duran 

Some memes never die. 

 Now what? 

That’s an important question, but the answer may get complicated. 

 OVER 9000!

Gotta love some nice anime memes. Now how do we explain this to the boomers . . . 


We knew there was at least one good one! 

 Space boomer 

You know, when you say it like that . . . 

 No wifi 


Have any other hilarious boomer memes? Drop them below in the comments to keep the laughs going! 

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