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Millenials and gen Z come together to say "OK boomer" in all of these hilarious memes about the generation which came before them.

OK boomer: All the best memes roasting baby boomers

There is nothing quite as devastating as saying “OK boomer” to a Boomer. Those born of the “Greatest Generation” who, frankly, screwed the rest of the subsequent generations over in terms of climate, politics, economics, etc. If we have to hear them complain about us using smartphones for the billionth time, then the OK boomer memes will just continue on.

After all millennials are blamed for the death of another industry and Gen Z gears up to fight for their future, then the OK boomer memes serve a function. Jokes and a way to direct the pessimism that has been forced on the younger generations they look at the world they’re inheriting. Here are some of our favorites to make you chuckle.

1. We know what books are

Actually studies show that the younger generations read more than boomers. We are quite aware of how books work. Sometimes, we can even download them onto our phones.

2. Millennials are tired of being blamed by boomers and cheer on Gen-Z

Go get ‘em, Gen-Z! We believe in you!

3. Gen-Z! Gen-Z! Gen-Z!

You tell those boomers and you finish them.

4. Wasn’t this how it went in Crazy Rich Asians?

It’s been a minute, but we’re reasonably certain that’s how it went in the film.

5. And boomers say the younger generation is thinned-skin

How the hell can you equate “OK boomer” to a racial slur?! How?! What kind of twisted logic do you have?!

6. Maybe do both?

Sometimes, eating the rich is good. Sometimes, OK boomer is good too. Just do both for maximum greatness.

7. We must unite!

Gen-X, Millennials, and Gen-Z powers combine to form…Captain OK Boomer!

8. Millennials taking it back for themselves

See what happens when you blame us for the death of everything? We have student loans, mortgages and kids now. Leave us be.

9. Taking it to politics

Waiting for the day one of the younger members of the House of Representatives busts out an “ok boomer” on the House floor.

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