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Lil Nas X's new song "Montero" is topping the charts right now. Get your torches & pitchforks ready for the best reactions to Lil Nas X’s video on Twitter. 

Lil Nas X returns: Twitter users react to the “MONTERO” music video

Lil Nas X’s latest music video for his new single “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” officially released yesterday, showcasing incredible artwork and directing as the singer chronicles the story of a young man traveling through Heaven & Hell. 

Naturally, Twitter lost its mind over the video. From bashing the video due to its imagery to praising it for its LGBTQ+ representation, Twitter users clearly had a lot of thoughts to share. 

So get your torches & pitchforks ready as we show off some of the best reactions to Lil Nas X’s return from Twitter. 

Trembling in rage 

Yeah, we should probably give them some space. Clearly they have some . . . strong feelings about the video. 

Recovery time 

Seems like all we’ve been getting is hit after hit. . . not that we’re complaining! We need 2020 to have something good come out of it. 

Don’t be a Squidward

Remember, no one wants to be a Squidward. 

Representation matters 

All jokes aside, these artists are showing people why representation matters so much by giving us more of it. Good on them. 

A bit of an overreaction 

I think he may need a second, too. Hang in there, bud. 

 Who needs context?

Hey, no spoilers, dude. 

Gay rights! 

Now that is worth retweeting.

Directors advice 

That’s certainly a way to do it. 

Visual appeal 

Lil Nas X certainly knows how to work the camera. 

They grow up so fast 

Thomas certainly has that right. What better way to end than with a nice Disney meme? 

Have you seen other fun reactions to Lil Nas X’s newest video on Twitter? Let us know in the comments so we can laugh & celebrate this incredible leap in representation together! 

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