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Didn't we tell you 2021 was going to be a bizarre year? Brace yourself and take a peek at the weird James Charles memes floating around the web!

Angry Twitter memes: James Charles pretends to be pregnant

What just happened? Will 2021 be crazier than 2020? Apparently so. Beauty guru & YouTuber James Charles is trending once again and we’re unsure what’s going on. Is James pregnant? Is he bald? We have no idea, but the internet is certainly not staying quiet about the recent social media posts.

Ready for some laughter? Here are the best memes surrounding the James Charles drama. 

What’s happening?

It’s official, James Charles was pregnant for twenty-four hours. We are shook, confused, and terrified. 

Are you yolking? 

James Charles is literally looking like an egg and a Beauty Blender. It’s hard to tell the difference. That’s why our scrambled eggs have been looking odd!

M. Night Shyamalan, stay away!

The Last Airbender could be making a return to the big screen. James Charles? Hollywood is calling your name. 

Lockdown breakdown

James Charles is clearly having an identity crisis. However, we’re just sitting back and enjoying these hilarious memes.

Devil spawn

This is all kinds of wrong. If James was pregnant then this could be the perfect representation of his child. We need help . . . .

We don’t want it!

James Charles, please stop giving us nightmares. The memes about your makeup disasters were enough. We don’t want to have this image in our heads. Make it stop!

X Men reunited

Charles Xavier/James Charles. Do we need to say anything else? 

Shrek Charles

Some people really know how to Photoshop. It’s hard to tell if this is Shrek or James. 

Patrick Star gets it

We can’t cope with these James Charles memes. Seeing these images is too disturbing. Excuse us while we wash our eyes out. 

We’re done

Well, our eyes can’t take much more. We’re going to cleanse our souls with some light-hearted puppy videos

What do you think about James Charles’s pregnancy scandal? Share your favorite memes with us and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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