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If you’re looking for some cute dog videos to get through the day. Here are some of our very favorite funny dog videos.

Good boys: The funniest dog videos to get you through the day

As we continue going deeper into our coronavirus induced quarantines, we’re turning to adorable animal videos to help us get through the days. While we have a spot in our hearts for all the animals, it’s dogs who are truly thriving right now. Because we’re home all the time! And they’re straining their little puppy tails in joy of it. 

So if you’re looking for some cute dog videos to get through the day. Then here are some of our very favorites. Many of them are shot in quarantine, but they’re A+ guaranteed to make you chuckle. After all, puppies! 

1. Race to the food bowl

What is an out of work sports commentator to do? Why commentate on his dogs eating their food, of course. Who will finish first in the race to get the food in their bellies between these two doggos?

2. Unicorn pup

If you’ve ever been curious about what a one-eared pupper looks like, then look no further than this video. The result? An absolutely adorable little dog that we’re certain will forever be saddled with the name Unicorn.

3. Puppers eating their veggies

A balanced diet during these hard times is important right now. Lucky for you, these two good dogs are here to remind you to eat your veggies. Also, they like the cronch, cronch, cronch of the lettuce.

4. Stair ball!

As we practice social distancing measures, dogs and humans alike have to find new ways to play their favorite games and practice good social distancing. Thus comes the invention of stair ball. It’s time for your dog to learn about gravity to.

5. Become ~one~ with the doggos

Since you’re home a lot more, then maybe it’s time to see what the doggo lifestyle is truly about. After all, how bad could a day be at barking at strange things going past your home, sleeping, eating, playing, and going to the bathroom really be? But before things get started, we have some questions first.

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  • oh my god so cute
    i wish i had dogs like that but i don’t even have a dog
    i’m sad i really want a dog but i can’t get one because i’m renting a house.

    May 13, 2020

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