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Celebrate the love in your life with these wholesome memes. Don't forget to send your favorite to the ones you care about!

Celebrate the wholesome love in your life with these memes

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, as couples across the country scramble to order flowers, chocolates, and other mushy gifts that are quintessential to the Hallmark holiday. Meanwhile, singles have Galentine’s Day Zooms and self-care routines to fill their schedules with anti-Valentine’s Day festivities.

Whether you’re coupled up or riding solo this Valentine’s Day, you can enjoy the phenomena that’s been blowing up on Twitter the past few years around this time of year: wholesome love memes.

While most memes are known for their weird or off-putting nature, as depression memes pile up on the web every day, Valentines Day often yields a plethora of wholesome love memes that celebrate the unabashed ferver we have for our loved ones. 

We’ve found the best wholesome love memes Twitter has to offer, so you can share your unadulterated passion for your loved one this Valentine’s Day, whether you’re friends, dating, or soon to be swept up in a love affair. Ditch the roses & check out what we’ve found below.

Anime memes


Some of the best memes on the web come from the anime world, and wholesome love memes are no exception. This one from Wotakoi: Love Is Hard for Otaku cuts right to the chase.

Rin Tohsaka

This pick from Twitter’s anime wholesome love memes aims to shower its receiver with (you guessed it) love. We can feel the hearts falling from the sky with just a cursory glance.

Video game memes

Friend love

They might seem like loners, but gamers need love too. Twitter’s wholesome love memes extend into the game world, and we have one here that’s perfect for anyone who’s seen their friend’s hard practice pay off.


You didn’t think Sonic would be spared from Twitter’s wholesome love memes, did you? Gotta go fast . . . into your heart.

TV memes 


What tugs at our heartstrings more than our favorite TV characters? Plankton may have an evil fire in him, but we think all he needs is a little love.

That 70s Show

Red Foreman is the definition of a hard a$$, but he’s always had a weak spot for Kitty. Channel some of Red’s stern yet loving energy with this choice cut from Twitter’s wholesome love memes.

By meme lords for meme lords

Buy a plant

Sometimes wholesome love memes hit hardest when they bury the lead, using widespread meme formats. “D*mn, shawty ok!” may be 2020’s meme of the year, and this altered version is perfect for wholesome lovers.


Mona Lisa

This classic meme format keeps it simple; a picture is worth a thousand words, and this meme you will let your boo know your love for them is like the Mona Lisa.

Simple memes

I love you

Sometimes it’s best to cut right to the chase, and Twitter has a batch of no nonsense wholesome love memes that will do the trick. This Twitter user’s selfie meme will let anyone’s loved one know they are the best.

Not trash

We leave you with the simplest of wholesome love memes with this daily reminder: you may have your doubts, but you’re loved, and definitely not trash.

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