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We’ve gathered the funniest anime memes perfectly describing our quarantine lives to keep you entertained while you're social distancing.

Quarantine in anime style: All the best memes about social distancing

Let’s face it: quarantine sucks. Being stuck at home unsure of the future isn’t fun. It can get pretty lonely.

That’s why we’ve gathered the funniest anime memes perfectly describing our quarantine lives to keep you entertained.

Finish your list! What else are you gonna do?

Sure, you might not be able to see your friends and loved ones, but at least you can finally empty out your Crunchyroll watchlist. Nothing beats bingewatching every episode of My Hero Academia for the sixth time, right?

School’s out! But we kinda want it back . . .

Unfortunately, that initial reaction was soured before we even completed our first week of no school. Normally during breaks you can hang out and see all your friends. Now, we’re stuck at home watching reruns.

Akira predicted COVID-19!?

Yikes! First The Simpsons, and now this? Although the specifics of the anime are a bit exaggerated here, this is still a scary coincidence. It’s gotta be a coincidence, right? Ed. note: It’s called predictive programming, br0. Look it up!

Happy about staying home? You’re not the only one.

Quarantine might not be bad for everyone. After all, introverts are probably loving it. Getting told to stay at home rather than being judged for it? What a life.

Quarantine means more anime time!

Like the one above, quarantine isn’t all bad. More free time equals more anime! What anime will you be binging? Let us know in the comments.

Productivity is for nerds

We went into this quarantine thinking about how much writing we could get done. Now, it’s almost over and we have little to show for it. But that’s okay! Remember, you don’t owe productivity to anyone. Use this quarantine to catch up on all your favorite anime. We won’t judge.

Put all that practice to use

For those of us who have been practicing staying at home our entire lives, this quarantine is a cakewalk – assuming you have plenty of entertainment, that is.

We’re all just a bit more paranoid

Coughing is normal. After all, it’s also hay fever season. Just be sure to cover your face before you cough.

Back in their day . . .

It’s called “being safe”, grandpa! 

Nothing to see here.

Do you think our FBI agents are working from home now?

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