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Are you sick of Sonic memes yet? Neither are we! That's why we rushed to bring you some more great memes featuring the "fastest thing alive".

Gotta go fast! Rush towards the best Sonic memes online

Sonic! He’s the fastest thing alive! Thanks to a vibrant fandom since the 1980s, when Sonic the Hedgehog first rolled onto Segas, everyone knows who the bright blue hedgehog is. And since he’s so culturally ubiquitous, what has he become? A TV show (at least two, actually)? A movie? Countless spinoff games? 

All of these and more, since Sonic is also a meme! Whether we’re riffing on his love of chili dogs or his supersonic speed, there’s a meme for that in Sonic-Land. So let’s rev up our engines and speed through the trending Sonic memes on the internet today! 

Sonic fanart

Scouring the internet today, most Sonic memes are going to be based on fanart. Throw a stone on the net and you can find a Sonic fan piece. Just don’t throw too far or you’ll end up in a minefield of NSFW images you wish you’d never have seen! 

Sonic goes Wojack

Will this be the beginning of a beautiful mashup, or just a once-off on Twitter? Who knows? 

Only female Sonic villain

Oh, the things you will think on your way to the fridge! 

Turbo was a thing

Do you remember Turbo? We think Sonic’s the only one who does. 

The internet won’t forget . . . 

. . . how god awful the first Sonic the Movie designs were. 

Yes we can! 

In the Sonic fandom’s quest to get rid of the abominable first Sonic design, they created a new monster: uncanny valley Bob the Builder

Oh, the things we will think! 

When we’re laying in bed at 3 AM, in the shower, or whatever, we’ll think . . . somewhere in the universe, there’s a planet full of hedgehogs, and their most popular video game is Sonic the Kid

Cheer your friends up! 

Have an artist friend who needs some encouragement? Pop this meme in their feed and make them smile! 

Some games should be forgotten

Sonic 06 belongs in the dustbin. 

Sonic the pirate

Loading up that torrent for a “free” movie? Sonic approves! 

Get ready for the apocalypse! 

Generation gaps, huh? This meme will never get old! 

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