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Make sure you catch all the lightning fast action of 'Sonic 2' by learning where you can stream the video game movie for yourself free online.

If you love all things video game, you won't want to miss the exciting new film 'Sonic 2'. Learn where you can watch it for free online right

'Sonic 2' is going to be one of the most exciting action movies of the entire year. Get in on the video game movie craze by streaming the

Sonic the hedgehog is back, and he's running faster than ever before. Race your way into the Sonic movie sequel with these online streaming links.

Thanks to a slew of set photos, we now know that Knuckles the Echidna will be in 'Sonic the Hedgehog 2'! But did Paramount get his design right?

Are you sick of Sonic memes yet? Neither are we! That's why we rushed to bring you some more great memes featuring the "fastest thing alive".