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In honor of the love of our lives, Wang Yibo, here’s a collection of wonderful memes about our beautiful boy from 'The Untamed' and more.

China announced a new ban on "sissy" or effeminate male idols & entertainers. See how the latest government restriction will affect these Chinese boy bands.

Not only is he talented as an actor and as a singer, Wang Yibo is a true Renaissance man of multifaceted talents. Here’s all of his other skills.

'The Untamed'’s breakout star Wang Yibo is, quite simply, a man of many talents. Here’s a comprehensive list of Yibo’s best dance performances ever.

The world isn't as smiling as it used to be, so here's your daily dose of sunshine in the form of Wang Yibo memes.

If you’re new to the Wang Yibo train, welcome aboard and enjoy your ride. Let’s get you acquainted with your newfound love of Wang Yibo.

Let’s talk about our deep and abiding love for Wang Yibo, shall we? Here are some of our favorite moments of Wang Yibo’s tenure with the band UNIQ.

Here’s a list of some of Wang Yibo's most drool-worthy quotes- you know, in case you needed any more reasons to swoon over him.

Let’s take a trip to the past and talk about the highlights of Yibo’s career with UNIQ. Here's everything to know about Wang Yibo and UNIQ.