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‘The Untamed’: The very best Wang Yibo memes ever

The Untamed has sent the internet ablaze thanks to the show’s attractive leads, Wang Yibo and Xiao Zhan. When the internet is ablaze, so are the memes. Thanks to the increased international spotlight on Asian entertainment, it’s hard to escape these memes in everyday life.

Between Parasite shining a light on Korean cinema, K-pop groups breaking Youtube streaming records, and Korean and Chinese dramas on Netflix for the world to see, the growth of Hallyuwood isn’t just visible in Asia, but worldwide. So naturally, the meme cycle has to cater to everyone. 

In honor of the love of our lives, Wang Yibo, here’s a collection of wonderful memes about our beautiful boy. 

Wang Yibo is puzzled

Look, as lovely as Yibo’s face is to look at, he’s either emotionless or confused as Lan in The Untamed. We’re glad to see that we’re not the only ones to recognize it. His confused face is a good one though. 

Don’t mess with Yibo

Correction: Earlier we claimed Yibo only has two expressions of nothing and confused. We apologize for ignoring the face he makes when his wifi Wei is in danger. Yibo makes three expressions in The Untamed: confused, nothing, and angry about his wifi being in danger. 

Seungyoun and Yibo are goals!

While Yibo won over most of our hearts during his time in The Untamed, he also was a K-pop star in the group UNIQ. Before he was being shipped with Zhan, Yibo was being shipped with his fellow members like Seungyoun. 

Grab the tissues

We all have that one friend who sits there sobbing over some show you’ve never heard of and how this week it traumatized you. And when we say you have that friend, we mean you are that friend. One of these days, your friends will come over to the dark side and start watching K-Dramas with you. One day.

Handsome Wang Yibo

This isn’t a meme per say, but seeing how much of a little shit Yibo is to his dear co-star is hilarious. Maybe we can get vain Yibo as a meme next?

Join the fandom

You ready to join the church of K-pop yet? It has cute boy band members and catchy songs, plus sometimes those members go on and do awesome K-dramas. Or so we’ve heard.

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  • Wang Yibo a talent to watch out for & the world wakes up to. Look beyond his face people. . A sea full of untapped talent.

    February 18, 2020
  • OMG ? my Seungyoun Yibo UNIQ United meme made it in this! I’m dead ? this is amazing

    February 18, 2020
  • Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo are absolutely amazing in The Untamed, really worth watching ??

    February 18, 2020
    • If you’re yet to watch The Untamed, go Netflix now, or you’ll miss one of the best C-drama series of 2019

      April 17, 2020

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