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Here’s a list of some of Wang Yibo's most drool-worthy quotes- you know, in case you needed any more reasons to swoon over him.

All the very best Wang Yibo quotes to feed your obsession

Wang Yibo does everything from dancing, singing,  acting, and professional motorcycle racing. Additionally, he is a major heartthrob, and it isn’t hard to see why fans can’t get enough of The Untamed actor and UNIQ member. Here’s a list of some of his most drool-worthy quotes- you know, in case you needed any more reasons to swoon. 

On Skateboarding and the reality show Extreme Youth

“I don’t like to think of myself as their leader [on Extreme Youth]. I’d prefer to be thought of as a skateboarder just like them. Same status … The mentality of skateboarders. Understand that spirit.” 

“I actually really like extreme sports, and I also really like skateboarding. I hope that by participating in this show [Extreme Youth] I can not only learn some skateboarding moves and tricks but also learn some other things because I like doing these activities in general.”

“I’ve learned a good amount of moves. Many skateboarding moves depend on your front and back feet. If you lead with your left foot, your stance is called “regular.” If you lead with your right foot, your stance is “goofy.” If you do this trick in the direction of your front foot it’s called an “ollie,” And if you perform it in the reverse direction it’s called a “nollie.” If you spin in this direction it’s called a “shove-it” and if you spin in this direction it’s called a “fakie shove-it.” So many names, so confusing.”

On his love of Legos

“For me, I think the connection between each of the parts is really interesting. When the legos are assembled you only see its external shell, but inside each connection and joint is extremely detailed. I think the process of assembly is a great joy.”

“I honestly have so many [Legos] I can’t store them all. I do want to build them all, but after I build them I have no place to put them.”

“I think as a guy I tend to like robot and racecar types more, so I’ll choose more robot and racecar sets – for example, Batman, E1 or cars from the Speed series.”

On The Untamed

“Maybe I’m like him when I’m not talking. But I could be naughty. Then I may be not like Lan Wangji.”

“Yes, I did have some misgivings [About taking his role in The Untamed] because this role had quite a lot of fans already. I was afraid that, in front of the fans of the book, I wouldn’t be able to act well enough to please them.”

On Balancing Careers

“I’ve never thought of wanting to reach the peak. I just want to do what I love.”

“My dad and my mum are also quite supportive of me. Because when I was young, I liked a lot of things. I liked a variety of stuff since young. My grandmother told my mum to support me & let me do whatever I like.”

“A movie actor might learn a lot of different skills on set. Kind of like Eddie Peng. After shooting a movie or drama, I can learn more things.”

On Fans Obsessing over him in UNIQ

“I have a very honest personality, and I don’t hide my angles and corners. Although I look cool, I’m actually very shy, and I guess the contrast is cute?”

“As for what attracts fans, it might be my dance skills on stage, a lot of people think that I have great stage presence when I dance and that I have an intense gaze.”

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  • This is so cute. Wang Yibo “I am a pop rock candy” :

    February 11, 2020
  • You are the best with the way you are …….i hope you enjoy what you like ..and don’t work too hard ….keep healthy ………always love and support you …and you are my best idol …i hope to see you…fighting😊☺️

    April 27, 2020

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