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Today we’re turning our focus to how to create empathy with the editing process by looking at the techniques used by the great filmmakers of modern cinema.

Studios spend millions on marketing strategy for big releases, but there’s nothing like free media coverage to launch a movie into the public spotlight.

When it comes to the world of filmmaking, there’s only so much you can learn at college. Some iconic directors lit their paths towards success without it.

Here’s our ranking of 17 of the best films dubbed “the scariest film ever made” upon their release.

Did you know it was esteemed director Stanley Kubrick’s birthday yesterday? The much celebrated filmmaker (who passed away in 1999) would have turned 90. To honor the occasion,

In 1962, Stanley Kubrick took a shot at turning Vladimir Nabokov's formally banned masterpiece novel Lolita into a feature film. At the time, the film wasn’t a huge

Last Saturday saw the sad passing of Richard Alan Greenberg. With that in mind, we’re looking at the power design has on films by listing some of cinema’s

Here’s our ranking of the eight scariest films where the monster takes root within a family, a relationship, a romance, or a bedroom, and tries to destroy it

Of all the classic American horrors that have graced the big screen over the past few decades, there’s a surprising amount of incredible shooting locations still standing and