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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Here are the top Christmas movies available to binge in 2022.

The top Christmas movies you need to binge in 2022

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and this season is all about spending some days on vacation watching movies while drinking something cozy. No matter if you celebrate Christmas or your interior grinch thinks it’s just a marketing strategy, although everything is really. Anyway, we can’t deny it’s a great season to binge-watch movies and have some rest. 

Nothing compares to the nostalgia of watching movies like Home Alone (1990) by Chris Columbus or The Nightmare Before Christmas (2006) by Tim Burton. Yet, we’ve curated a list of our top movies to watch during this season, because all we want for Christmas is for you to enjoy a good film. We’re aware these could also be hard dates for some of you, so having a movie to lead on is always comforting.

There are several movies with an entire narrative based on this date, just like Halloween. Nonetheless, we’ve chosen this list of movies based on their great stories and valuable message besides the season they’re located in. remember several movies have Christmas cameos like Mean Girls‘ iconic school “Jingle Bell Rock” choreography. Speaking of which, Lindsay Lohan came back this year with Falling for Christmas

Gremlins (1984)

Directed by Joe Dante, Gremlins is a must-watch movie for at least one Christmas in your life. This is why we made it the first one of our top three film selections. Just to give you a small refresher in case you don’t remember it or haven’t watched it. A traveling salesman brought home a new pet for his son, but three specific rules must be followed. Rules are no sunlight, no water, and no food after midnight. 

As we can expect, because otherwise, we wouldn’t have such an entertaining movie, rules get broken. What was supposed to be a nice Christmas present ends up causing mayhem, the situation is these creatures won’t stop reproducing but each version will be more decadent than the other. Symbolically this was an important metaphor to describe consumerism and the Chinese market. 

Eyes Wide Shut (1990)

This is definitely one of our top favorite movies from director Stanley Kubrick. Several conspiracy theories swear to launch this movie dug the director’s grave due to all the social and political criticism. This movie holds sex cults from powerful men, prostitution, aids, and questioning of monogamy, all these topics ran around Kubrick’s head more than thirty years ago.  Yet they’re barely being treated.

But what does all this has to do with Christmas? Well as you can imagine, the story is set during these dates in New York City and Christmas lights play a fundamental role in the main metaphor of this film. Wiliam Harford (Tom Cruise) a respectable doctor with a normative life is tempted to see what happens “where the rainbow ends”, which has to do with pleasure. 

Not only Christmas lights but lightning, in general, is very important in this movie, so have that in mind when you watch it. Also, the fact that we get in touch with so many forbidden situations during a season that is all about commemorating family and good behavior is quite symbolic. This is a great movie to watch all year round.

Carol (2015)

Last but not least, we brought a delightful film to top this list. It doesn’t matter if you identify as men or a woman, straight, pan, gay, or fully lesbian, it’s always a pleasure to watch Cate Blanchet starring in a lesbic drama. In this movie, directed by Todd Haynes, both protagonists Cate Blanchet & Rooney Mara will melt our hearts and make us drop some tears. 

Another forbidden love full of glamour, art, and snow makes Carol the perfect movie for this season. 

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