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Marvel has a lot to answer for, ladies and gentlemen. As well as inspiring just about every “franchise” movie to throw in an obligatory post-credits sequence, now every

To help you navigate through what dreadful summer blockbusters do and don’t look enjoyable, here’s the worst looking summer blockbusters of 2018, ranked from “enjoyably bad” to “insufferably

It was only a matter of time before 'Top Gun' got the reboot treatment and that time has arrived. We’ve decided to spice things up a bit by

If you’ve seen 'Deadpool 2' by now, you’re likely aware of one of the biggest and bestest surprises of the movie: a certain Hollywood star who nobody expected

Top Gun Day is fast approaching. That means it's time to pull out the aviator sunglasses, indulge in some topless volleyball, and generally pretend to be the cockiest

For all the good, there’s two lots of crap, vacuous, romcom nightmares where storylines wither in pain, particularly in the latter half of her career. Let’s take a

The syrupy smooth vocal stylings of Alec Baldwin will soon be gracing our screens again. Following a brief stint hosting his own talk show, the eldest Baldwin brother

In recent years, you may have noticed a distinct recurring theme in Hollywood box office failures – movies which would’ve formerly prospered under the reliable magnitude of a

Legendary South African singer Miriam Makeba is highlighted in Mika Kaurismaki's straightforward documentary 'Mama Africa'. Through a series of rare archival footage and testimonies of her contemporaries, now