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Just who is Tom Cruise dating? Delve into the Shakira conspiracy theory

How does Tom Cruise manage to stay so ageless on the silver screen? The recent Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning saw Cruise display his eternal charm once more. Director Christopher McQuarrie, however, flirted with the idea of de-aging the star in a throwback scene of the new film. So how does that boyish charm answer the question of “Who is Tom Cruise dating?” 

Let’s take a look ourselves and see what social media says about his dating life.

De-aging, a technique recently showcased with 81-year-old Harrison Ford in the latest ‘Indiana Jones’ flick, could have taken Cruise back to his 30-year-old self. McQuarrie revealed to GamesRadar that a substantial sequence set in 1989 was initially planned to open the movie. As he navigated the various forms this could take, from a cold open to flashbacks, de-aging came into play.


However, he hesitated. McQuarrie felt that the inconsistencies and distractions the process introduced overpowered the story. “I was so engrossed with how the de-aging looked, that I forgot to follow the plot,” he confessed.

Though the idea was ultimately dropped for this film, McQuarrie isn’t ruling it out for the future. “I cracked the code – I think – on how best to approach it. We may still play with it. We never say never.”

While the possibility of a youthful Cruise looms, another buzz-worthy story has been the actor’s interest in global pop star Shakira. The two met at the F1 Grand Prix in Miami, and reports suggest that Cruise was left “absolutely mesmerized.”

Misread charm

After their initial hangout, Cruise, possibly reminiscing his ‘Top Gun’ days, sent the ‘TQG’ singer flowers. According to sources, his behaviour was akin to when he pursued his ex-wife Katie Holmes. Cruise believed he and Shakira shared a special connection, and he wasn’t afraid to chase it.

However, it seems Shakira wasn’t singing the same tune. A source told Heat Magazine that the singer had “begged” Cruise to stop pursuing her. While she was flattered, Shakira wasn’t interested.

Following their Miami meeting, rumors swirled about a potential romantic liaison between the two. As fans and media speculated, a source confirmed to Us Weekly that Shakira found the rumors amusing, emphasizing the singer’s focus on her kids and career.

Already unrequited

Shakira’s rejection didn’t deter the determined Cruise. He praised the singer’s talent and personality during an interview on Despierta America, fueling further rumors.

Despite Cruise’s praise and the persistent rumors, insiders close to Shakira maintain that she wants nothing more than friendship with the Hollywood star. They state she’s concentrating on her family and career, and that Cruise’s romantic interest is one-sided.

Is this the end of the road for Cruise’s pursuit of Shakira, or will the ‘Mission Impossible’ star keep trying to win her over? Only time will tell. Can we expect to see a de-aged Ethan Hunt in the future or a more aged Tom Cruise accepting the realities of time? The answer is out there, waiting to be discovered. Isn’t life filled with intriguing impossibilities?

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