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Teeth, eyes, mouth: Discover the strangest Tom Cruise rumors

Can you imagine a world where Hollywood heavy-hitter Tom Cruise doesn’t want you to look him in the eye? Well, that’s the tale circulating among Tinseltown tea-sippers, but the star of the famous Mission: Impossible franchise wants to set the record straight.

What exactly does this have to do with his teeth? Let’s dive in between the teeth of all of these rumors and see if there’s any actual teeth to them in the first place.

The source

Back in 2006, Chris McQuarrie, the man behind the last three Mission: Impossible films, asked Cruise to divulge the strangest gossip he’d heard about himself. With a hearty chuckle, the mega-star laid to rest the infamous myth: that he’d forbidden anyone on set from looking him directly in the eye.

Simon Pegg, the British actor and Cruise’s frequent on-screen buddy, confirmed to The Times that despite the whispers, the Top Gun lead is, in truth, just an average Joe. Pegg enjoys the everyday camaraderie with Cruise, showcasing that beneath the cinematic spectacle, he’s just another human being.

Flash forward to 2020, and the world is engrossed in a video of Cruise passionately ranting about COVID-19 safety regulations on the set of the seventh Mission: Impossible film. With every decibel, it’s clear – Cruise is fiercely protective of the people in his film family. His uncompromising demand? Follow the safety guidelines or find yourself seeking new employment.

The globe-trotting, skyscraper-scaling star’s outburst wasn’t about diva-like demands, according to Pegg. Instead, he explained to The Times, it was the very survival of the cinema industry that was at stake.

The enigma

Despite his on-set fervor and candid myth-debunking, Cruise has always been a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. This curiosity is further fueled by his membership in the contentious Church of Scientology, an organization accused of propagating a culture of control and manipulation.

On July 12, we’ll see Cruise back on the silver screen in the seventh chapter of his thrilling franchise, Mission: Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part One. The film, clocking in at two hours and 43 minutes, was originally scheduled for a 2021 release but faced delays due to the pandemic.

A memorable incident took place during the filming of Mission Impossible 7, with Cruise delivering a powerful monologue not scripted into the film. After spotting crew members flouting COVID-19 safety rules, the star launched into a heated speech about the responsibility the team bore. This behind-the-scenes audio leak quickly went viral, proving that Cruise’s commitment extended beyond the action-packed sequences on screen.

Final countdown

The incident was confirmed by insiders to Variety and Reuters, underlining the actor-producer’s steadfast commitment to pandemic safety measures. The film, shot in glamorous locations like Venice, Italy, Norway, and London, has faced its share of COVID-related challenges, including a production shutdown in February and positive cases on set in October.

So, whether it’s putting a stop to the rumor mill or passionately advocating for industry safety, Tom Cruise has proven that there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to his commitment to cinema. As we gear up for his latest high-octane adventure, we’re left wondering – what’s the next chapter in the epic saga of Tom Cruise?

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