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If you loved 'Nine Perfect Strangers' as much as we did, you're bound to enjoy seeing Nicole Kidman in other roles. You need to watch these movies now!

Finished ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’? Watch these movies with Nicole Kidman

Hulu Original Nine Perfect Strangers premiered on August 18th, 2021, and already, people are raving about the first season and if there will be a possible second. The show has twists & turns and boasts a star-studded cast, but the standout performance goes to Nicole Kidman. 

Since the early 80s, Kidman has continued to stun on the big screen, and according to IMDb, has ninety acting credits under her belt. If you’re just getting to know her potential, we’ve provided a few movies with Nicole Kidman in them. It was hard to pick just a few Kidman’s roles, but these are some of her very best so far. 

Moulin Rouge!

In 2003, thirty-six-year-old Nicole Kidman starred in Baz Luhrman’s Moulin Rouge!. The story is set in 1899, where a young English writer named Christian (Ewan McGregor) comes to Paris to witness the Bohemian revolution taking hold of the city. 

He stumbles upon a nightclub called Moulin Rouge, where the rich & poor can come together to watch dancers. It’s here where he meets Satine (Kidman) and falls madly in love with her; the only problem is she’s coveted by another club-goer, the Duke (Richard Roxburgh). While this seems like a typical love triangle waiting to implode, Satine’s secret will change everything and everyone involved. 

Moulin Rouge! is a heartbreaking fairytale full of lights, colors, music, and fabulous costume designs. Kidman is a natural in this role and is fun to watch as she sashays and woos the many colorful characters in Paris’s Moulin Rouge.

The Others

Two years before Nicole Kidman played a dancer in Moulin Rouge!, she starred in The Others, a thriller drama in 1945. After World War II, a woman named Grace (Kidman) takes her two small children to stay in a mansion on Jersey, an island off the British coast. 

While waiting for her husband and the father of her children to come back from the war, Grace provides for her children and makes sure they’re well kept because of the disease they both carry. 

While living away from society, Grace feels lonely until strange incidents start occurring around the home. Are Grace and her children beginning to see things that aren’t there, or is something else lurking around in the night?

The Others is a great movie to watch with the lights out, and the covers pulled up close. It’s one of the best movies with Nicole Kidman as the lead lady and has an ending no one could ever see coming

Eyes Wide Shut

One of the movies with Nicole Kidman that is most well known is Stanley Kubrick’s 1999 mystery drama, Eyes Wide Shut. Starring alongside ex-husband Tom Cruise, Kidman plays Alice, the wife of a doctor named William ‘Bill’ Harford (Cruise). 

After Alice confesses her deepest, darkest fantasies to her husband, Bill decides to embark on his own night of sexual adventure. During his outing, he runs into his old friend, Nick Nightingale (Todd Field). Mr. Harford is told about exclusive parties with young and beautiful women, but some things aren’t meant to be discovered. 

From the excellent directing from the late Kubrick to the casting, and the cinematography, Eyes Wide Shut is truly one of a kind. It’s enchanting, mysterious, sexy, and will leave viewers thinking about it for days to come. 

The Hours

Nicole Kidman stars alongside Meryl Streep & Julianna Moore in Stephen Daldry’s The Hours. Kidman plays Virginia Woolf and is almost unrecognizable under the incredible special effects makeup. 

The Hours tells the story of three women whose lives simultaneously intertwine because of consequential circumstances. Still, above all else, they all link to the work and life of Virginia Woolf and the novel she’s writing. 

It’s a tall order to stand beside Streep & Moore, but Kidman does it with ease. The Hours is one of the best drama romances to come out of the early 2000s and is one of those movies with Nicole Kidman fans have to watch. 


What’s your favorite Nicole Kidman movie? Let us know in the comments below!

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