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Erotic movies are a different genre that attracts many viewers. In this article, we will share a list of the 5 best erotic movies in Hollywood.

List of the 5 Most Erotic Hollywood Movies

Hollywood is a place where you find all kinds of movies. Be it a cult genre or pornography, or even mainstream hits, you find everything there. Some people have the hunger to watch those movies. It’s really worth watching because it defines a different genre with so many twisted stories. If you were thinking about watching Hollywood erotic movies, then check these 5 best erotic movies of Hollywood that can make a scar in your head for a long time. 

These erotic movies make you think how can those movies make so perfectly? You get a different appeal after watching those movies and you are likely to watch 2nd time. If you are thinking about thinking where to watch free of cost, check or for some of the best erotic movies of Hollywood. You can also download it for later watch.  Let’s start with our first option. 

5 Most Erotic Hollywood Movies

  • Basic Instinct

It wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t add Basic Instinct to this list of the 5 best erotic movies of Hollywood. The performance of Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas holds your attention to the end. The story revolves around a violent police detective who goes on to investigate a brutal murder. This is an awesome neo-noir erotic thriller that can stay with you forever. You get this movie on

  • Fatal Attraction

This is another spectacular erotic psychological thriller that is worth watching in your life. Started by Michael Douglas and Glenn Close, this movie tells you a married lawyer gets into an extramarital affair. It was well appreciated commercially and critically as well. Enlisted as one of the 5 best erotic movies of Hollywood, this movie can be the next binge-watch. 

  • Eyes Wide Shut

Directed by one of the greatest directors of all time, Stanley Kubrick, this film comes at No. 3 on our list of 5 best erotic movies of Hollywood. If you were looking for a little mystery with erotic touch, this movie is for you. Though some of the sexual scenes can be distracting, you still want to watch because of its fantastic making. This is available on Netflix also.   

  • Malena

The No. 4 comes with a different story with an erotic touch. It’s a coming-of-age drama that revolves around a teenage boy’s sexual desire for a sensual woman in the town named Malena. Released in 2000, the appealing performance of Monica Bellucci still creates buzz in the entertainment industry.

  • Nymphomaniac 

Many of us haven’t heard about this movie but this must be mentionable. You may not have watched such kind of movie portraying hard-core sex in it. Comes under the category of the 5 best erotic movies of Hollywood, Nymphomaniac tells the story of a nymphomaniac who shares her sexual encounters from adolescence to adulthood. Directed by Lars Von Trier, this movie is worth watching in your life. 

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