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Hulu's 'Nine Perfect Strangers' has some good performances...and then there's Nicole Kidman. Baffle yourself with Twitter's reaction.

Why is Nicole Kidman’s performance in Hulu’s ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ awful?

So Nine Perfect Strangers is available on Hulu, which is good. Kind of. People have been looking forward to the adaptation of the Liane Moriarty book. While the cast is all-star, there are some acting choices that have fans scratching their heads. We’re, of course, talking about Nicole Kidman as Masha Dmitrichenko, who is the head of a wellness resort/possible serial killer.

We’re going to be real with you here. Nicole Kidman is a good actress, but, uh, is she okay in Nine Perfect Strangers? Because we were only joking a little bit about getting serial killer vibes from her character. The acting is just . . . it’s a choice. It’s a choice and we don’t think it’s a very good one. People online are just as baffled as we are about Kidman’s acting choices.

So let’s go to Twitter and see their feelings on the latest Hulu miniseries, Nine Perfect Strangers


He has a point

You’re not wrong, sir.


*screaming at the TV*

Pick an accent, Nicole!


Wow you are not wrong

That’s it. That’s her character.


Isn’t it  more like Australian Wig Story?

Get it on, Ryan.


Um . . . 

Is she also screwing with us too?


Nine Perfect Strangers: Hulu goes thrifting

Clearly, she shops at the same thrift store.


It truly is something

It really is the accent that feels like a choice.


We don’t see a difference

Why put a still of an episode in the tweet?



Just make your eyes really big!


This is a pattern

Are you good, girl? 

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