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Thirsty for more after watching 'Godzilla vs. Kong'? Tune into these classic action movies on HBO Max right now and feed your need for action!

Loved ‘Godzilla vs Kong’? Watch these HBO Max movies next

Who’s gonna win? That’s the question that’s been on the minds of streaming fans over the month leading up to the release of Godzilla vs. Kong last week. However, last week was last week, and the question of who will win the battle to watch in 2021 (the fictional battle, at least) has already been answered.

So you were dying to see Godzilla vs. Kong and you got the deed done: now what? Luckily, HBO Max movies don’t stop at Godzilla vs. Kong, and there are plenty of other action-blockbusters to choose from from the platform’s list of HBO Max movies.

 We’ve picked out the best HBO Max movies to pivot to after you see who comes out on top in Godzilla vs. Kong.

The rest of them

If you have Godzilla vs. Kong fever, you’re in luck! HBO Max has nearly every Godzilla movie in its catalog. From 1954’s Godzilla to 1956’s Godzilla, King of the Monsters! to 1964’s Mothra vs. Godzilla, the big green giant monster movie fans have come to know & love is widely available to see on HBO Max.

But what about King Kong, the ape of apes who’s been crushing the film game since 1933? Don’t worry, nearly every Kong movie is also available to stream on HBO Max. For now, you don’t have to say goodbye to your gargantuan companions and can watch Godzilla & King Kong get into trouble for hours on HBO Max to help dull the pain of post-GVK depression.


After you watch all those Godzilla movies, you might develop a fondness for the animatronic days of yore, and only a movie like Jaws will scratch that itch. Jaws gives us one of cinema’s most celebrated giant beasts, and with Jaws comes one of the 1970s sturdiest summer blockbusters.

Before E.T., Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Jurassic Park, Speilberg gave audiences one of his best pictures in 1975, long before he became a household name, and in the 1990s, the Michael Jordan of directors. Jaws is an exciting monster movie that pulls out all the stops, but also has great chemistry in its stars’ performances and ethereal moments Godzilla vs. Kong trades for impersonal CGI. A classic for a reason.

2001: A Space Odyssey

Before Speilberg gave audiences Jaws in 1975, Stanley Kubrick laid the groundwork for otherworldly blockbusters for years to come with 2001: A Space Odyssey

The blueprint for sci-fi & fantasy blockbusters came from 2001; the sweeping orchestras tying massive, stimulating sequences in 2001 have been replicated in nearly every epic of this kind following. 

Of course, 2001 is a totally different kind of movie than Godzilla vs. Kong and requires a much stronger attention span than what’s needed for a 2021 blockbuster. Don’t let that dissuade you if you’re coming off GVK, though. 2001 has monkeys, and will definitely make you feel small. 

Independence Day

Moving right along through the epic blockbusters in history leading up to GVK, Independence Day is one of the most influential HBO Max movies that lead to the checklist of features presented in Godzilla vs. Kong.

If you haven’t channel-surfed cable TV in the past decade, then you may have missed 1996’s Independence Day. However, if you binged through all of the HBO Max movies featuring Japan’s most famous green lizard, you’ll want to know Independence Day comes from 1998’s Godzilla director Roland Emmerich.

Disaster movies wouldn’t be what they are now without Independence Day, but the historical significance isn’t why we tell you to watch. Independence Day is fun, funny, and filled with one-liners that made it one of the 1990’s biggest blockbusters and most beloved cult hits.

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