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Will Will Smith be the next President or Governator? Here's how the celeb may be putting his net worth into a political run.

Why is Will Smith looking to put his net worth towards a political run?

Will Smith is in the news today (what year is it?) with rumors the celeb is using his massive net worth toward a political run. If the last five or so years in the U.S. has taught Americans anything, it’s that literally anyone can be President of the United States. Furthermore, any foray in government by a celebrity is more than possible, regardless of their political background (just ask Cali’s former governator). 

Will Smith has had outrageous success in his career, and millennials remember Smith as a downright hero to their generation; twenty & thirty-somethings across the U.S. have watched The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reruns for years in front of the non-flat-screen TV and always stop flipping channels when Men in Black is on at mom & dad’s house.

He’s the DJ, I’m the rapper

If you know anything about Will Smith, it’s that he’s a born & raised Philadelphian. Smith started his career rapping in Philly as the Fresh Prince alongside longtime friend & collaborator DJ Jazzy Jeff in the late 80s (yes, they were friends IRL).

Before long, Smith landed his deal with NBC in 1990, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was born, and we all know what happened there.

As the Carlton dance sweeped the nation, Smith’s rise to fame kicked into high gear. Will started his movie career in the mid 90s and nearly all his starring flicks became cult classics over the years. 

I make this look good

After a few minor roles in the early 90s, Smith bagged Bad Boys in 1995, Independence Day in 1996, and Men in Black in 1997. 

Smith was batting 1000 in the mid to late 90s and would continue to have a major blockbuster success nearly each year following MIB until one of his most notable roles came to pass with Ali in 2001, which gained multiple Oscar nominations.

By the 2000s, Will Smith was an A-list household name, and the icon continues to appear on our screens through today, most recently appeasing fans in a third Bad Boys sequel in 2020.

With such a successful career, one can only wonder what kind of net worth Will Smith has, and what he’ll be using his net worth for in the future. 

No love for the haters

Celebrity Net Worth lists Will Smith’s net worth at a whopping $350 million, and we can only imagine what Will has up his sleeve for projects in the future, political or otherwise.

Today, Entertainment Weekly reported Smith may be using his net worth toward a political run. On Monday, Will Smith appeared on Jon Favreau’s podcast Pod Save America saying he’d considered entering politics, but he’d “do his part” whether in or outside of a run in politics.

Smith shared on the podcast he’ll at least deal with politics in his most recent venture; Will Smith produced & hosts a six-part docuseries dealing with the 14th Amendment in the U.S.

It’s no secret Will Smith has always tried to be a positive role model for young Americans, whether it be from discouraging smoking (I just bite it) or refraining from using profanity in his songs (in the days before WAP). 

His latest good guy behavior comes with his new docuseries Amend: The Fight For America, which he do doubt hopes will educate & unify audiences; he’s said the series comes as a response to the murder of George Floyd & his hope for the momentum for unity behind the BLM movement.

For now, Will Smith will stay out of the political field, as he’s said he’s “gonna let that office get cleaned up a little bit,” but he’s given us a new docuseries, Amend: The Fight for America that’s now streaming on Netflix.

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