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2020 was an awful year, but for Chrishell Stause, it led to a huge boost in her net worth. See how much richer the 'Selling Sunset' star got

With the recent news of her 'DWTS' partner's divorce, many are wondering if Chrishell Stause cheated on Justin Hartley. Learn more about the rumors.

Justin Hartley hasn't said much about his divorce from ex-wife Chrishell Stause. But he has said whether or not he regrets it. Read his thoughts here.

Is Chrishell Stause finally over her divorce? Discover the hardship of divorcing in the public eye and Stause's life afterward.

'Selling Sunset' has us dreaming of a career in real estate. But could you actually survive the cut-throat world of the Oppenheim Group?

'Selling Sunset' has taken the internet by storm as the new reality TV hit. But the "reality" part of reality TV is being questioned with season 3.

The long-awaited season 3 of 'Selling Sunset' gave us a peek into the drama behind Chrishell Stause's messy divorce from Justin Hartley.

The resident mean girl on 'Selling Sunset', Christine Quinn is a fan favorite for good reason. We need more of her, so Netflix, give Christine her own show.

After the explosive Season 3 finale of 'Selling Sunset,' is there a villain on the show? Relive the juicy details and all the drama.