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After the explosive Season 3 finale of 'Selling Sunset,' is there a villain on the show? Relive the juicy details and all the drama.

‘Selling Sunset’ season 3: This is who we think will be the next villain

After Season 3 of Netflix’s Selling Sunset aired on July 31, 2020, all the drama left in Season 2 got dished. A huge chunk of the show focused on Chrishell Stause’s surprise divorce from This Is Us Justin Hartley. Plus, all the conflict that surrounds it. 

Davina Potratz came under fire by fans for questioning the reasons behind Stause’s split from Hatley. Proclaiming that there are “two sides” with costar Christine Quinn on the show, she wanted to know Hartley’s side and what the deal was with the sudden split. 

With all the drama stemming back from Seasons 1 & 2, a villain might be emerging from the show. Is it Davina, Christina, or someone else? Let’s take a look. 

Stause’s divorce

The Season 2 finale of Selling Sunset left viewers on a cliffhanger. Chrishell Stause is having marital problems. Before Selling Sunset Season 3 broke, we learned she was just blindsided by text that her husband was divorcing her. Tearfully, she told cameras that she lost her best friend and she didn’t know what to do. 

Season 3 followed the divorce amid house sellings, open houses, weddings, and pregnancy announcements. 

Davina Potratz

Davina Potratz and Chrishell Stause clashed a lot throughout seasons 1 & 2 of Selling Sunset. Their conflict reached new heights when Potratz asked for Hartley’s side of the story in Season 3. The question came after Hartley’s sudden divorce announcement, which he delivered to Stause via text forty-five minutes before the media broke the story. 

At a dinner in the episode before the season finale, Potratz questioned the divorce, saying “I’m not backing anybody up here, but I’m just saying everyone has their own side in every situation, right,” adding that she’d like to know Hartley’s side. 

Christine Quinn

Christine Quinn already came under fire before the Season 3 release for tweeting details about Stause’s divorce. Quinn alleged that Stause & Hartley went to marriage counseling, which Stause said was untrue in a tweet back.

Quinn also came under fire during Season 3 for planning a “botox & burgers” theme for an open house, even though her co-seller Monika wanted something with more class. 

The Season Finale

The question came to a head at Christine Quinn’s wedding. The Selling Sunset cast sat outside on a patio when Potratz questioned Stause about her divorce. While co-star Christine Quinn joined in, other castmates defended Stause. Despite the defenders, Stause ended up storming out of the wedding. 

On Entertainment Tonight, Davina Potratz defended herself, saying she didn’t mean to offend Chrishell, she was “just trying to have a conversation” about what happened. 

Did editing make it look worse than it was? 

In an interview with E! Selling Sunset costar Maya Vander said that the producers made the ending look “more aggressive” than it was. It’s widely known that reality shows are often edited in a way that makes them more exciting. 

An article from Refinery 29 broke down how Selling Sunset Season 3’s timeline was switched around to create more of a storyline and manufacture drama. Some of the points raised was the timeline of Maya’s pregnancy announcement and the “botox & burgers” party may have happened later in the timeline. 

Despite the editing, fans and reporters were concerned with what they saw. The interrogation was brought up in a US Weekly interview with Selling Sunset costar Heather Rae Young while on social media, fans shared their distaste for Potratz & Quinn. 

Fans’ reactions

Fans rushed onto social media to defend Stause and share their feelings about Potratz insensitive questions about Stause’s divorce. There were even calls to have Potratz removed from the show, claiming she was the least likable person on there. 

Romain Bonnet, Selling Sunset’s Mary Fitzgerald’s husband, went so far as to say of Potratz: “That girl. She’s like a f**king snake.”

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