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We've binged through all of 'Selling Sunset' season three, and we have thoughts on the latest Oppenheim Group drama. Join us in some meme sharing.

Here are the best memes inspired by ‘Selling Sunset’ season 3

HGTV meets Bravo. There’s no better way to describe Netflix’s reality hit Selling Sunset than that. The reality show follows The Oppenheim Group, a team of elite real estate agents, as they take on the LA housing market to make the best bang for their buck. Of course, there’s plenty of drama in the world of real estate to follow. 

Now that we’ve binged through all of Selling Sunset season three, we’re even more obsessed with the drama queens of the real estate world. So is the rest of the internet apparently, as the memes about Selling Sunset season three have been on point. So laugh at the top Selling Sunset memes that may or may not be mostly attacking Davina. 

Picking on Davina

Like we said, we’ll try to be impartial but Davina was really pushing our buttons all of season three. 

“The Plot”

Who needs drama when we can just stare at the finest California houses there are on TV?

No lies here

Outside of the user using two photos of Jason when they probably meant to make Brent lawfully neutral, there are no lies.

Playing favorites

Honestly we’re even sick of Jason’s favoritism for Mary.

Chrishell deserves better

We knew the divorce drama this season was gonna hurt, but we weren’t expecting what we got. 

The true villain

Look, Christine’s chaotic, but she was the hot shot until Chrishell showed up. But Davina just needs to get fired. 

Waste her time

Look, Davina wasted our time this past season, so we might as well waste her time too. 

A guide to Selling Sunset season three

In case you somehow have gotten this far without knowing a thing about the show, this is a solid guide to The Oppenheim Group fam. 

But seriously, Chrishell deserves better

It’s clear she was ready to work things out and got slapped in the face by her husband. 

In case you forgot what went down off-camera between Chrishell and her husband, here’s our guide to the Chrishell Stause/Justin Hartley divorce drama, which you can read here

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