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Are you a new dog owner? Taking care of a pet can be a hard task, so here's a list of eight tips to help you train your

Potty training a puppy is one of the most challenging parts of getting a new furry friend. Make your training easier by reading this comprehensive guide.

Here are ten of our favorite dog memes so you can enjoy the silly puppies at their best. Get ready to wag your tail at this funny dog

Dogs are such lovable fur babies who only want cuddles, belly rubs, and food for said bellies. Here are our favorite dogs in movies.

Dogs don’t really get their due on the internet, do they? Stop day dreaming about puppies and watch these adorable videos instead.

Celebrate National Puppy Day with us by watching these heartwarming puppy videos! Warning – this puppy parade may have you saying "aaaw" all day!

Let's face it, quarantine is lonely, even for our dear puppies. Help your puppy find love with this "Tinder for dogs" app, Pinder.

It’s no news that a dog is one of the most adorable & loving creatures to walk the Earth. Take a look at these extra good dogs to

In order to celebrate International Dog Day, we’ve gathered some tweets about the best boys and girls online. Prepare for fuzzy cuteness.