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Are you a new dog owner? Taking care of a pet can be a hard task, so here's a list of eight tips to help you train your dog.

8 dog training tips for new dog owners

Dogs are man’s best friends. Having them around has made life so much easier. 

That said, we all have different reasons for owning a dog. Some do because they need companionship, security, etc. It is easy to own a dog, but the more challenging part is the training and care you have to give.

It’s great to welcome a dog into your family. But for many new dog owners, the idea of training a dog might be frightening. While obedience classes can assist you in training your dog, there is still some training that dog owners must complete on their own at home. 

The following are some tips that you can use to train your dog:

Adopting a dog as one more addition to the family is a big decision. Here are some helpful tips for training your new puppy.

Give it a name

It is essentially the first thing you must do as a dog owner. The naming process is a crucial element in teaching your dog new commands. It will be simpler to issue orders and administer punishments if you use the name it responds to. It is a great way to develop a relationship with this hairy creature.

There are countless names available for you to choose from; it is entirely up to you. You can name him after a book, character, or movie. Heck, you can even name him after one of these anime dogs. I remember falling in love with some of those anime dog names growing up.

Establish a Designated Space

Choose a location in your house or yard where your dog can start associating training time with it. There should be less noise and enough space for your dog to wander around comfortably.

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Prevent Jumping up Early

The best moment to start curbing a new puppy’s tendency to jump up is right now. Although it might be adorable as a puppy, it’s typically not a behavior you will like your older dogs to have. Therefore, training it now is crucial. 

The greatest strategy for accomplishing this is to ignore your puppy until all four of its paws are on the ground. They will learn that they shouldn’t jump up to attract your attention.

Use a Strong, Upbeat Tone of Voice 

Reward-based training is often regarded as the most successful and animal-friendly approach available. This calls for you to be confident and reassuring while also being tough and in charge.

Additionally, since dogs can only understand fundamental orders and names in human languages, your tone of voice serves as a primary means of conveying your intentions. If you sound angry or frustrated when giving instruction, it will affect the training process and create a negative feeling towards your dog.

Reward Successful House Training

It is also important that you reward your dogs during training. Scolding or rubbing the puppy’s nose in the mess after an accident is an ineffective training method. Your puppy’s reaction will be that of confusion or maybe fear. 

In actuality, rewarding success, in general, is the most effective strategy for training your dog. Your dog will learn more effectively and feel more at ease around you if you give rewards and praise rather than penalize mistakes.

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Don’t Punish with a Crate

A crucial aspect of training a dog is crate training. Your dog can have a private, protected environment in the crate. Additionally, it might aid in training your dog. But you shouldn’t use the crate as a punishment for your dog. If you do, your puppy will start to link the crate with bad things and stop feeling secure there.

Have a daily routine for your dog

Every day at the same time, train your dog. Knowing what to expect will help your dog feel more at ease throughout the training process. Having a routine is also very helpful while housetraining.

You must establish a pattern for feeding your dog and taking them outside afterward to relieve themselves.

Be consistent

Adherence to the same guidelines for your dog’s training is crucial. If your dog becomes accustomed to one set of rules only to have them altered later, it will become confused. It also applies to commands. Don’t allow them to stay on the couch as a puppy if you don’t want them to as adults. You ought to utilize consistent language throughout. Your dog can correlate particular words with the behavior you wish to see in this way.

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