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Dogs don’t really get their due on the internet, do they? Stop day dreaming about puppies and watch these adorable videos instead.

Dreaming of adorable dogs? These videos will have you burst with joy

Dogs don’t really get their due on the internet, do they? Every kid spends their life dreaming of a canine companion, yet cats reign supreme on the internet. Dogs are equally as lovable and have as many cute moments as cats do. 

From running through sprinklers to playing with other furry friends, dogs have so many adorable moments that we can’t help dreaming about and revisiting after a long, hard day. 

Luckily, Twitter has us covered when it comes to the wholesome dogs we’ve been dreaming about (for better or worse). We ran through the threads and fetched the best videos of adorable dogs that you’ll be dreaming of when you’re down. Grab your leashes and dive into these amazing dog videos. 

Butterfly King 

This pupper looks so lovely surrounded by these tiny little butterflies! He’s certainly photogenic, but then again, all dogs are. 

Saying Hello! 

Hi there, you cuties! *Gives lots of pets*. 

Go, go, go 



He’s just enjoying the grass! We’d lay down with him. 


Ah yes, the eternal battle continues . . . .


We’ll be your friend, Ruby! 


Hey, wait for us! 

Pretty girl 

Congratulations! She’s adorable


Cuteness overload, we can’t . . . .

What’s over there? 

Looks like someone wants to go exploring. 

Have any other amazing videos of dogs that we can spend the day dreaming about? Drop them below in the comments to keep the cuteness coming! 

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