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Here are ten of our favorite dog memes so you can enjoy the silly puppies at their best. Get ready to wag your tail at this funny dog memes!

Wag your tail at these funny dog memes this quarantine

While we’re deep in quarantine, those of us with pets are enjoying spending a lot of time with our favorite furry companions. Dogs, especially, are lapping up this extra attention during this time. For those without a pet, however, it can feel a bit lonely during this time. 

That’s where dog memes come into play! What better way to pass the time then to look at silly dogs being relatable in the best and most adorable way possible. Here are ten of our favorite dog memes so you can enjoy the silly puppies at their best.

1. Spot the imposter

It’s like Where’s Waldo?, but a million times more difficult because they all pretty much look identical.

2. Every old man’s Facebook profile

It’s always that angle. It’s never cute. So stop making fun of your kids taking selfies and ask them for some help, yeah? They know the angles.

3. Dog cashier

Everyone who’s ever worked in retail feels this dog’s struggle.

4. Prettier

Honestly, this dog’s enjoyment of the fireworks is even prettier than the actual display itself. 


5. Grow up so quick

From puppy to dog, it can be very quick. Yet they always want to be held and hugged no matter the size. They will always be your pupper though.

6. Two moods

Dogs can definitely be two very opposite ends of the emotional spectrum. Yet we are simultaneously both of them at once.

7. Aware of Dog

Always be aware of the doggos and when they want tummy rubs and ear scritches. Always be aware of the doggos.

8. Dog or fried chicken?

It will honestly take you a minute to tell the difference. And, by the way, did you know dogs can eat raw chicken?

9. Avodoggo

Proof that even if your doggo is a big boy, then they can still dress up as well! Just, you know, make sure they like it first before you put a plush avocado costume on their nose.

10. Game of Thrones cameos

We probably would have liked this GoT cameo more than Ed Sheeran’s. . . just sayin’.

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