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Ah, dogs. They attac, they protec, but most of all, they dumb as hec. Let’s celebrate the heroes of this quarantine: our funny dogs keeping us sane.

Such a good boy: The funny dogs who are too good for this world

Ah, dogs. They attac, they protec, but most of all, they dumb as hec. They may be man’s best friend, but no one said they were man’s smartest friend. You know this to be true if you live with one of these brazen beasts. 

But they’re just so cute it’s hard to get mad at them even if they’re making a mess. We laugh at their antics, and shame them from time to time, but we can never truly hate them no matter what they do. They’re always good boys and girls. Let’s celebrate the homebound heroes of this quarantine: our dogs keeping us sane

A slice of pug loaf anyone?

Bulldogs are so freaking cute, and tiny. Plus their rolls truly make them look like a loaf of bread in the right position. 

Time to go to work

Business dog is a hard worker, bringing home bones to his family. Definitely a good boy. 

You’re such a good boy, I love it

We’re not calling the dog a ho, and if you expected it, we’re judging you. The dog is too good for that. 

Don’t mix these up

One of these dogs is a sweet good boy, the other is a little feisty, but still probably good if you get to know him. 

It’s a little slippery 

That face is one of a dog that realizes going down the slide with a toy in hand was a bad idea. 

Shaming time

Dog shaming is all the rage, and occasionally we’ll allow it. This is definitely one of these times because we want to pet the dog on the right. 

You’re bigger than them!

There is no reason a few kittens should take down this dog, and yet here we are. 

Not an end table

While they are a convenient height, they move around a little too much to actually hold your mug steady.

Someone watched a little too much Tiger King

As long as you’re not as abusive as Joe Exotic, we’ll allow it.

You got a little something. . . all over

We know the addiction to playing catch is real, but there’s is a thing as too many tennis balls.

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