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Here are all the funniest dog memes for your quarantine

The saying goes that “dog is man’s best friend,” and for those of us who are stuck in quarantine with no one but our fluffy canine friends to hug, never has this been more apparent. Here are some photos to get you through, as recommended by experts at PetKeepers.

For those of us poor saps who haven’t experienced the hopeful glint of a puppy’s eye, here are some dog photos to get you through. Also, the funny dog memes they’ve been turned into. 

Mama’s had enough 

No, kids. Your mom isn’t locked in the bathroom because she has Rona. She just wishes you’d go back to school. 

Who’s a good boy?

It’s the simple things in life, guys.

Hi, Mom and Dad

We bet a lot of us are seeing this type of glorious photogenicness during these trying times.

It’s Fine 

Okay, okay. This is technically only a cartoon good boy, but how could we exclude this classic? Especially since this is the state of most world governments at the moment. 

The strain of long distance 

Sheepdogs are having to innovate in the public sector. 


This is also how the common flu feels every time its victims are added to coronavirus’s death count. 

Quarantine blues

This is some of us after only getting up to brush our teeth during quarantine. 

Be the Squirrel 

If we didn’t know any better, we’d say COVID-19 is taking a similar approach in disguising itself as different diseases. Have you seen the list of symptoms? 

It’s like, “Okay, so if I have pink eye, allergies, or food poisoning I might also mistake myself for dying of coronavirus? Cool, cool.”  

Beware: his cute is bigger than his bite

We don’t think this guy’s repelling anyone. 

Possibly the cutest good boy of all 

Come on. You can’t tell us this guy didn’t just make your day. You’re welcome.

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    June 12, 2020
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