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The world is slowly descending into chaos. That’s where 'Too Cute!' and their puppies and kittens comes in. Here's why 'Too Cute!' is the show we all need.

Puppies and Kittens! Here’s why ‘Too Cute!’ is the show we need right now

The world is slowly descending into chaos. For the most part, we’re all glued to the news right now. Honestly, while we all stay in our social distancing and quarantine cocoons, we can’t stay locked onto the news the entire time. It’s not healthy for our mental health. During this difficult time as we battle and try to slow the spread of COVID-19, we need some pure content that will make us smile and forget about the chaos surrounding us for a little bit.

That’s where Too Cute! comes in. This Animal Planet show is, well, about puppies and kittens being adorable little fur babies. The show follows newborn animals exploring the world through the first weeks of life all the way until they find their forever homes. Too Cute!, for real, is the cutest freaking thing on the planet. 

In order to do their part to make the world a little bit better in these trying times, Animal Planet has announced a 94-hour marathon of Too Cute!, proving that we’re truly all in this together.

We’re currently in the midst of this massive marathon, which started on Wednesday, March 18 and will run through Sunday, March 22 at 8/7c on Animal Planet. 

So why should you go in and watch? Here are a couple of very good reasons.


Listen puppies are pretty freaking cute as they figure out how to navigate the world and learn to explore. From a puppy who is a little freaked out by grass to a runt who wants to explore the big wide world out there, Too Cute! offers a variety of frankly too adorable pups as they explore the world and each other.

Plus, if memory serves, one becomes best friends with a goat and you will squeal from the adorableness of that image. You. Will. Squeal. 


If you’re more of a cat person, then fear not because there’s usually a dog and cat litter on each episode of Too Cute! The kittens are also super adorable with their little meows and sometimes wiggling off the blanket because they can’t see well yet. Or when a little kitten becomes friends with the big dog? Or the drama of figuring out that the kittens are a product between the cat and the neighbor’s cat?

The kittens are super sweet as well, which just makes the show more universal for everyone. 

A guaranteed happy ending

Too Cute! almost always ends with one of the puppies or kittens finding their forever home, usually an adorable young human child. Still, the promise that these little guys get their own happy endings with families who will love and cherish them is a perfect way to end an episode. After all, animals need loving homes as well.

Speaking of, during the COVID-19 crisis, think of fostering a dog or a cat from your local shelter if you can. An episode or two of Too Cute! shows the wonder and love of animals in a foster home.

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