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Have you been asking the same question "is there a cat cafe near me?" We recommend these gorgeous cat cafes!

Here’s a collection of Smudge memes with a woman yelling at the cat to bring us a little joy in this dark time. Here's the best Smudge memes.

We purred our way through the internet to find the best moments of cats in heat for you to chuckle over. You're welcome.

Cats are, and always will be, internet royalty. Have you ever filmed yourself scaring your cats? These videos will make your day.

Not since 2019’s release of 'Cats' have people been more terrified of these felines. Watch these videos of cats acting absolutely crazy!

Were your wonderful summer activities canceled this year? Check out these hilarious videos capturing animals having fun in the sun.

It’s amazing how cats can contort their bodies to fit into anything: boxes, jars, baskets. Here are the best funny cat memes to make your day.

What more adorable content from YouTube to distract from 2020? Let us present the genre of baby with kitten videos.

Persian kittens are adorable, like all kittens inherently are, but Persian kittens have the edge, with smooshed faces and fluffy fur, they're the best.