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Get some dating tips from these frisky cats who are in heat

Ladies, start taking notes because these cats, when in heat, have gotten dating down to a science. Cats are usually adorable little darlings that have the internet cooing in an instant. But when cats are in heat, they become hilarious examples of what to do & not do on a date. 

Everyone has those needs once in a while, and cats are no exception, getting a lot friendlier with either male cats or anything they come across while in heat. Cats in heat are both a laugh and a silly way to break the ice on any date. 

We purred our way through the internet to find the best moments of cats in heat for you to chuckle over. Grab your favorite furry friends and dive into these amazing videos of cats in heat. 


Just like this little one, always make sure your voice is heard! 

Mine now 

Yeah, we don’t think you’re getting those back, dude. 

No control 

She just wants to play . . . maybe . . . .


It’s always nice to give someone a little smooch when they’re down! 


Can’t . . . breath . . . .


AKA a bad idea. 

Judgment day 

Hope that you’re worthy, dude, because if not . . . .

Cutie pie

Compliments are always a win! 


Take notes; there’s a fine line between playful and . . . that. 

Get out! 

Those eyes! Yikes! 

Have any other funny videos of cats in heat? Drop them below in the comments before we get too out of control! 

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