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If we lived in a world without cat videos, would YouTube even exist? Dance along with these adorable dancing cat videos.

Need a mood boost? Get jiggy with these adorable videos of dancing cats

If we lived in a world without cat videos, would YouTube even exist? Since the early days of the internet when memes were an afterthought, and not a driving force for global culture, cat videos have always been an integral part of entertainment on the web. From Keyboard Cat to Grumpy Cat to Nyan Cat, our feline friends have been constantly relevant in the world of video sharing. 

Perhaps the mystery of what’s going on in the minds of these little furballs keeps us constantly documenting & sharing kitties’ exploits online. Whatever our obsession with cats is, feline video sharing doesn’t seem to show signs of stopping anytime soon. In fact, it looks like there are more videos of cats on YouTube than ever before.

If you think you’ve seen it all when it comes to cat vids, you might be surprised. Forget Grumpy Cat, have you even seen any dancing cat videos? We’ve dug through the dredges of YouTube to find some of the best videos of cats dancing to blow your mind with some feline boogies you may have missed in your quest for the perfect cat vid.

Mirror Cat

We’re not sure exactly what’s in this kitty’s catnip, but whatever it’s been munching on sure has the little fella itching to cut a rug in the mirror. Check the date on the posting: you definitely haven’t seen this furball cut a rug before.


Speaking of mirrors, we won’t try to fool you: this video just features one cat in the mirror, not two dancing together. However, this little feline might think it’s dancing with a new friend, even if the new pal is just the kitty’s reflection.

Winnie the Kitten

You’ll have to forgive us for the soundtrack; you’ll have “Uptown Funk” infuriatingly stuck in your head at least once a year for the rest of your life if you plan on attending any weddings. However, we think the song is a small price to pay to introduce the kitty with the best moves around: Winnie.

Nae Nae Kitty

Okay, so this dancing cat might be computer animated, but you have to admit, this little grey kitty is one of the funniest cats cutting a rug available to check out on YouTube. Look at the little guy shred! Any way you slice it, this furball is putting those two white boys to shame.


While many YouTube vids of dancing cats might rely on cheap editing tricks to make a cat seem like it’s dancing, this tail-whipping kitty seems to be cutting a rug all by itself. Look at its little legs kick; this amateur kitten is bound to go pro.

Deaf cat

Finally, we know this little kitty isn’t dancing on its own; the poor furball is deaf and needs a little help from its owner to get its groove on. Despite its lack-luster skills, you have to admit this little longhaired prince is cuter than the rest, and we have to give him a perfect ten for this performance.

If our list isn’t enough to keep you busy with new cat videos, you might need to do some research of your own. It looks like the cat videos of the web will continue to press on, as YouTube gets an onslaught of new feline favorites every day. Until tomorrow, check out the best videos of dancing cats we could find on YouTube.

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