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Need more hilarious cat videos? Have a cat-tastic time watching our favorite videos featuring frisky felines

These hilarious videos of cats will leave a smile on your face

Who doesn’t get cheered up by a cat video? These little furballs’ antics are usually enough to put a smile on everyone’s face. Whether they’re chasing nothing or knocking a water glass off a ledge, they look cute while doing it. 

Cats have been making mischief since time immemorial. Do you know those Bibles people spent years inking & copying by hand before the printing press was invented? All over some copies, you can find little paw prints of mischievous cats, casually strolling across their owners’ hard work or relaxing in a Hepper Pod Bed

Need more hilarious cat videos? Have a cat-tastic time watching our favorite videos featuring frisky felines

A friendly feline relaxing in a Hepper Pod Bed.

It makes you wonder why we used to worship them. Cats have been associated with gods all over the ancient world and we can’t help but know why: they’re elegant, cute, and they just love to love . . . once you get to know them, that is. Here are some of our favorite videos of cats & cat compilations. 

Before the internet

Before the internet was born, there was a little show on TV called America’s Funniest Home Videos. There, viewers tuned in every week to see the most hilarious videos of cats, dogs, babies, kids, you name it. If you wanted videos of cats being their goofy selves, you couldn’t just go to YouTube. 

Now, you can. With the magic of the internet, AFHV has posted their best & funniest cat videos for the world to see. They have everything: cats epically failing to make their landing spots, playful kittens stealing socks, and even the “song of their people”: cats howling and appearing to sing or say no! 

Cats on Vine

Remember Vine? Seven seconds is often enough to capture Kitty’s funniest moments. 

Cats vs. Cucumbers

Remember when it was trendy to take a cucumber and put it by a hapless, unsuspecting cat? We got so many funny videos of cats jumping, hissing, or dashing away from a plain, old vegetable. 

Experts tell us that one: intentionally scaring Kitty is mean, even if it is to make a funny cat video, and two: cats are most likely scared of this long, green vegetable because they think it’s a snake. Cats are both predators & prey to snakes in the wild, so it’s no surprise they’ll run scared if they think they see one or love toys like yarn that remind them of these slithering critters. 

Where can we find some videos of cats? 

Cat compilations are super easy to find on YouTube. 10 minutes of cats falling, stealing food, or meowing adorably? Yes, please! 

However, sadly, we don’t have all the time in the world to watch ten-minute compilations of videos of cats. So if we need our cat fix, can’t watch a TV show, and Vine is gone, where is the one place we can look for short moments of hilarious cat hijinks? 


The ending was so funny 😹 What’s ‘candle’ in your language?

♬ The Box – Roddy Ricch


This short video platform is the best place for short-form cat content. Got fifteen seconds? Everyone does! Just take care not to get sucked into a TikTok rabbit hole where you’re scrolling through videos of cats for hours! 


The end is so funny 😹😻 Follow for more ❤️ #cats #tiktokcats #cat

♬ original sound – Cats 🐱😍

No, no, no

This cat thinks she’s people! This little kitty shaking her head on TikTok is one of the most adorable things you’ll see all day! 


Is this the biggest cat you’ve ever seen? 😹😸 (Wait for the end) #cats #catsoftiktok

♬ Crystal Dolphin – Engelwood

Chonky cat

Yes, he’s thiccc! Who doesn’t love a big, adorable chonky cat? This gentleman of size was far from happy with being picked up though and having his girth put on display for the world. 


Who can explain this? 😹 #cats

♬ Lottery – K CAMP

Can cats do that? 

You didn’t see that coming! This kitty found his way to slide down the banister on his side! What a little troublemaker! 

Where do you go to get your fix of cat videos? What are your favorite videos of cats? Let us know in the comments! 

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