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Cats are, and always will be, internet royalty. Have you ever filmed yourself scaring your cats? These videos will make your day.

Scaring cats is a bad idea: These ridiculous videos prove it

Cats are, and always will be, internet royalty. Their adorable antics and moments of mischief have left internet users in stitches ever since the internet’s infancy. But if there’s one thing that’s more prevalent than cute cats on the internet, it’s scared cats on the internet. 

Scaring cats is never a good idea, but apparently, some people still tried it. These videos are everywhere, letting you see just what’s scaring cats at any given hour of the day.  Though the internet is extremely protective of these frisky felines, there’s no denying that many internet users have gotten a laugh out of these videos of the things that are scaring cats. 

Of course, Twitter has thread after thread after thread of these videos of cats getting scared over anything & everything. We cast out our fish toys to find the funniest videos of these scaredy cats. Grab your favorite feline and dive into the videos capturing all the things scaring these cats. 


The cat decided that today was not the day to lose one of its lives . . . .

High climber 

What goes up, must come down. 


Both the animation and the amount of air this cat caught is impressive! 


The ancient feud of cat vs. cucumber continues. 

Nowhere to run, baby 

Nowhere to hide, baby . . . .

Keeping distance

The cat is still in quarantine mode apparently (then again, so are we . . . ) 

Slow and steady 

Look at this brave little guy! 

Mouse house 

This must be test footage for a live action Tom and Jerry film . . . .

No spots 

The little fashionista is trying to tell you that spots are so last year! 

 Show stopper 

Think you might’ve thrown off his groove there . . . .

Have any other funny videos of things scaring cats? Drop them below in the comments before we fall into a cat nap! 

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