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Not since 2019’s release of 'Cats' have people been more terrified of these felines. Watch these videos of cats acting absolutely crazy!

Try not to scream at these terrifying videos of cats acting absolutely crazy

Not since 2019’s release of Cats have people been more terrified of these felines, capable of doing many dark, dangerous acts in the wee hours of the night. Say what you will about these furry creatures, but we know for a fact that they watch us while we sleep, while we eat, while we make whoopie, patiently waiting for their time to take over as the dominant species on this earth.

But, until that day comes, why not just watch some of the best videos of cats acting absolutely crazy? 


Never call a woman crazy, even if that woman is a crazy cat! 

VETter not

This crazy cat is for sure an anti-vaxxer.


“Go ahead. You can pet her. She’s sweet!” 

This is crazy

A cat that’s actually a turkey. Gotta give an Owen Wilson “Wow” to that. 

On the ball

This crazy cat video is classic! Just protect your private parts before clicking play. 

Cat on a hot tin convertible

This for sure reminds us of those motorcyclists who drove around in a sphere cage at the circus. Remember? 


The laser trick is not fair for cats . . . unless it allows them to experience this recreation of Splash Mountain. 

Hamster wheel

Cats will be putting us crazy humans in these torture contraptions in the years to come. Wait and see. 

Flying cat

How is this even possible? Looks like we’re the inferior race, after all! 

Crazy Cats

In this video, you’ll see how . . . wait a sec. NO! How did this sneak into this article?

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