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Were your wonderful summer activities canceled this year? Check out these hilarious videos capturing animals having fun in the sun.

The funniest videos of animals doing summer activities

Were your wonderful summer plans canceled this year? You’re not alone. We were all excited to take fun trips and live it up in the pool. Alas, we have to find new ways to enjoy summer. 

Lucky for you – you can live vicariously through these animals who are living it up in summer. They’re definitely enjoying summer more than we are right now. Check out these hilarious videos capturing animals having fun in the sun. 

Getting comfortable…

Posted by Regina Keller on Sunday, July 19, 2020

Can’t bear the heat

Imagine a bear walking into your backyard and taking a nap in your kiddie pool. Could you blame him? Taking a quick dip with the sun beating down. This bear knows what’s up. 

Chillin’ out

These animals are almost enjoying summer too much. Jumping in pools, running through sprinklers, eating ice cream. Man – they’re living it up. 

Beatin’ the heat

Bears, horses, seals – oh my! Look at all these different animals having a blast in summer.  

Dog-days of summer

These pups are enjoying summer in style. Let’s just say they look pretty dang cool. 

Catchin’ some waves

Who knew animals could ride the tide. Totally rad, dude. 


When cats make that silly face you can just feel their brain freeze pain. One moment you’re enjoying an amazing summer treat – next your head is hurtin’. Poor kitties. We feel your pain.

Summer fail

Okay, maybe you won’t be super jealous of these animals. Nothing is funnier than watching animals accidentally falling in water. You feel bad for them but you also can’t stop laughing.  

Skateboarding cat

Just wait – soon this talented kitty is going to start learning ollies & kickflips.

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