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Here’s a collection of Smudge memes with a woman yelling at the cat to bring us a little joy in this dark time. Here's the best Smudge memes.

Woman yelling at cat: The best memes for your quarantine

The renaissance era of art came out of Europe after the Bubonic Plague. So naturally, the quarantine should bring similar artistic change to our culture after Coronavirus, right? The memes coming out of quarantine are lit, so the actual art will be straight fire. 

Granted Smudge the Cat is a 2018 meme, but Smudge getting into an argument with Taylor Armstrong of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills came into our lives during 2019 and has stayed a strong presence since. But this is the true definition of art, watching this cat get into an argument with a human woman, even if he’s just mad about the lettuce in front of him. 

Coronavirus has left us all going a bit mad, and really relating to the crazy characters we’ve created through these memes. So it’s no surprise that we’re finding ourselves really relating to Smudge right now. Here’s a collection of the best Smudge memes to bring us a little joy in this dark time, and remind us how crazy life is. 

Seriously, they don’t

No one thinks a kid watching Saving Private Ryan is going to go on a murder spree, so why do they think the same thing about video games?

Thanksgiving matters too

Sure, the origin is quite sketchy, but as long as we take the history out of it, it’s a great time for people to come together and enjoy football and food.

Drunk me is not me

If you see drunk me, mind your business, we’re not the same person.

You wore a shirt with text on it!

People want to read your shirt if you wear a graphic t-shirt. Don’t get mad if it just works out the text is over your boobs.


The day I got fired. . .

That would be a worthwhile way to get fired from your job though.

So keto is going well?

Quarantine has really made it hard to not just eat Taco Bell every day. 

He’s a nice cat, we swear

Just like the rest of us, if he’s not in the mood for a salad, he doesn’t want a dang salad.

You’re saying it wrong

It’s not a crown, it’s a cray-on, like a cray-fish. 

The cat needs some sleep

He’s spent too much time being a viral sensation, he needs a break from it all too.

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