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There are many different types of cat in the world. We decided we needed to compile a list of our favorite Instagram cats to follow.

Types of cats: The best cat Instagrams to follow now

It is a scientific fact that looking at cute things makes life easier. That’s why cute baby animals hold such a monopoly over social media, and our hearts.

It’s impossible to make a direct ranking over the cuteness of all the baby animals in the world, but cats are high contenders on the list. As such, that’s why we decided we needed to compile a list of our favorite Instagram cats. Whether they are old or young, long-haired or short, what matters is the joy they bring us.

This list could easily be over 100 entries long. There are so many quality cats to follow on Instagram. One literally needs to type in “cute cats” and be overwhelmed by the valuable content Instagram is able to provide. However, for the purpose of brevity, we have focused on only a few, but let us know in the comments if we’ve missed out on more adorable cat photos to include. We need them, for research purposes. 

The lady with all the kittens

We love to learn, and we love to look at adorable baby kittens. The Kitten Lady provides audiences with both: the feed is a smorgasbord of adorable baby kittens and fostering tips and tricks for new kitten parents. The videos range from precious baby kittens getting swaddled for the first time, to precious baby kittens playing with one another for the first time.

The kitten lady knows her audience, and what they want to see. Also, puppies are included as fun bonus content. She really gives her audience everything, and we are big fans.

Bodega cats are the wisest of all the cats

All cats are Jellicle cats, but not all cats are bodega cats. 

Bodega cats are a different breed: in that they don’t really care what’s happening to the world around them, provided they have a sunbeam to lie in. The bodega cats of Instagram honors these heroes as they lounge on shelves, lounge on cash registers, lounge on customers. . . it is a varied feed with tons of valuable content.

Garfi the great 

Garfi is just like if this year was a cat. 

The Dark Lord (not Voldemort)

The Dark Lord on Instagram is like if Steve Buscemi became a vampire; gaunt, but deeply attractive. The account gets bonus points because almost every entry addresses the audience as “wench,” and the Dark Lord’s Instagram fans frequently address him as m’lord.

A cat with a cat goatee

Inaho the cat looks like someone’s disapproving uncle. The cat has a small marking that looks like a goatee, and every photo looks like it was taken during a FaceTime conversation with a front-facing camera. 

Pure, unadulterated cat content

Cats of Instagram feature cats in their natural environment. . . which is messing with the natural environment of everyone else.

The Instagram account for the Cats movie

This list would be complete without the movie event of 2019, and our recurring nightmare for the past five months. 

The Instagram account for the Cats movie (Oscar contender, 2019), is the only account to follow during these dark and trying times. It has everything you could ever need, if you go through life with no expectations: it has a slogan for “Catnip and chill,” and a number of confessionals from sincere-looking actors about the magic of the movie (filmed before the reviews came out.)

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