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It’s amazing how cats can contort their bodies to fit into anything: boxes, jars, baskets. Here are the best funny cat memes to make your day.

“If I fits I sits”: Funny cat memes to prove cats are a liquid

We love our little kitty’s antics, and none of them make more funny cat memes than when we leave out an empty container and Mr. Snuggles finds it. It’s amazing how she can contort her body to fit into anything: boxes, jars, baskets. 

Here are the best funny cat memes to make your day. 

A plant pitcher

A beautiful liquid tabby slinks her entire body into a clear, little plant pot. 

Just his size

This box was made for this long, orange cat to melt in. 

Where did the yogurt go? 

Presto, change-o, the yogurt is now a cat! 

Pumpkin spice kitty

Just in time for Halloween, you can carve a pumpkin for Fluffy’s little liquid body. 

Anatomy of a liquid cat

From here, you can see how the cat’s limbs all squish together in this clear box to make a liquid. 

Desk buddy

If you need a cat to go to work with you, they fit conveniently in a box on your desk. 

Big cats can melt too! 

I think this lion wants a wheelbarrow ride. 

How did he get in there?! 

Sometimes, when a cat fits and sits, you have to ask yourself how he got in there. More importantly, can he get out? 

The cat in the hat

A new take on a children’s classic. 

If it fits I sits, upside-down edition

How do they fit in upside-down? 

Tiger King

I saw a tiger, and he fits, so he sits. 

Father & Son

Daddy cat teaches the ways of “if it fits, I sits,” to his kitten. 

Taken to a whole new level

They really will try and fit anywhere!

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