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Persian kittens are adorable, like all kittens inherently are, but Persian kittens have the edge, with smooshed faces and fluffy fur, they're the best.

Burning question: Are Persian kittens the cutest cats ever?

It’s national kitten day and we’re celebrating all things fluffy & cute. We don’t care if you’re a dog person, a chinchilla person, or a Madagascar hissing cockroach person – we’re here to put to rest any doubt that Persian kittens are indisputably the most adorable in the world. 

Persian kittens are adorable, like all kittens inherently are, but Persian kittens have the edge. With their smooshed faces, round eyes, and drooping jowls they’re bundles of concentrated cuteness – and we can’t even. If you don’t believe us then you’ve probably never gazed into the placid eyes of a Persian kitten. To inform & educate we have provided a few pictures of Persian kittens as well as their adult counterparts.

A little angel

This little fella fell straight from heaven just for some tummy rubs.

Fedora cat

It’s a little known fact that Persian kittens are the best-dressed of all the cat breeds.

Bath time

Here we have a Persian kitty taking pride in his personal hygiene.

Humane animal rugs

Persian kittens also double as miniature throw rugs.

Mistaken identity

Our apologies, that’s not a Persian kitten just a small, territorial lion.

A nervous boy

Just a little poof of floof, nothing to see here.

Little hair bows

Even when they’re not on their A-game, Persian kittens can’t help, but be the belle of the ball.

His head is too big!

Persian kittens had to be the inspiration when they designed bobble-head dolls.

If looks could kill

We can’t understand why this cloud is so angry.

A walk in the garden

If you haven’t at least grunted in acknowledgement of the sheer cuteness, then you’re beyond help.

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    June 30, 2021

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