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In order to celebrate International Dog Day, we’ve gathered some tweets about the best boys and girls online. Prepare for fuzzy cuteness.

Celebrate International Dog Day with Twitter’s good boys and girls

Dogs are great. They are good boys and girls with big hearts and all they want to do is play and give kisses. Dogs are very good. And the internet loves them! Sure, cats may be King of the net, but Dogs are like the consort in what brings joy to the cold dead heart of someone who spends too much time online. Yesterday (Aug. 26) was International Dog Day, meaning that we celebrated these good boys and girls. Yes, we did. 

In order to celebrate International Dog Day, we’ve gathered some tweets about the best boys and girls online. All they want is some loving! Yes, they do. Look at their fuzzy bellies and fluffy faces! The internet may be the land of the cat, but everyone can have a dog’s day afternoon cooing over these tweets. 

Celebs and their doggos!

First up is Charlize Theron, who shows off her three dogs. She captioned the tweet with “Every day is #InternationalDogDay in my house.”

Her of the magnificent voice, Barbara Streisand also has a trio of dogs to show off with the standard “Happy #InternationalDogDay”. 

Wonder Woman ‘77 herself, Lynda Carter has two very good dogs named Brady and Sarah to show off! “When you love a dog, the love they give back is immeasurable. With my sweet Brady and Sasha, it’s double the love 24/7 Red heart Happy #InternationalDogDay!”

Academy Award winner for the amazing short Hair Love Matthew A Cherry shared photos of his dogs: Lake and Legend. “Happy #InternationalDogDay from Lake and Legend”

Everyone’s favorite cannibal playing actor Mads Mikkelsen shared a photo with he and his dog, Messi. “ Mads & Messi celebrating #InternationalDogDay.”

And, of course, Captain America himself, Chris Evans, and the best doggo, Dodger, naturally shared a picture for the day. Evans thought tweeted it as #NationalDogDay. 

Happy puppers

@AliHutch2011 shares this picture of a happy and smiling, pupper. Look at how happy! “Happy #InternationalDogDay to my pals. You truly are the angels on earth! Love you so.”

@steve_o_99 shares a picture of his “bestest friend” who is clearly enjoying a nap or just finished a round of belly rubs. “Happy #InternationalDogDay to my bestest friend in the whole wide world.”

@AuthorDan worries about breaking his blissed out dog. “I think we broke our dog! #InternationalDogDay”

@nwoods19 and Chai want to wish everyone a happy International Dog Day. “It’s #InternationalDogDay and Chai wants to wish you a happy one.” 

@SibsonVicky shows a doggo hard at work protecting a baby! Two for one on cuteness! “Our beautiful hound Penfold taking baby-guarding duties seriously (well actually just stealing her shade) a couple of months back #InternationalDogDay”

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