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Happy National Puppy Day! Enjoy these videos of adorable doggos

It’s National Puppy Day! This fantastic day gives beloved baby doggies the recognition they deserve. We feel so much love for these little furry creatures – we can hardly bear it! If you have a puppy of your own, be sure to give them some extra adoration today, and if you don’t have one that may change before the day is over.

Celebrate National Puppy Day with us by watching these heartwarming puppy videos. By the end you’ll forget all about your daily troubles, and all you’ll be saying & thinking is “aaaaw!” 

Hello world!

We have to start off this puppy collection with some puppy origins & background. This video helps you understand what’s it’s actually like to be a puppy and shows off a cute baby awakening her sense of perception. 

Puppy rescue

Rescue stories are always so touching. This poor injured puppy was saved and he was able to have a fully mischievous puppy life. He goes from a small boy cuddling his big stuffed bear to a fully grown puppy.

Taste testers

Watching these guys devour these snacks will be the highlight of your day. They pretty clearly rank the chicken above the other veggie & fruit snacks. (We don’t blame them!) The way the little puppy steals the other dog’s food is hilarious – what a hog dog!  

Baby poodle do

Bath time! This baby toy poodle gets the full grooming treatment with a haircut, blow dry and everything in this video and is a total champ about it. The itty bitty doggie is so patient & cute our heart is melting!

Puppy love

The way this puppy transforms from a shy anxious baby to a lively friendly cutie is so precious. Who knew that puppies could become such close friends regardless of their size difference. We’re so happy for them!

Shiba puppy

There’s only one thing cuter than a Shiba Inu – a Shiba Inu puppy! Watch this puppy’s journey of growing & learning. As seasons & environments change, Haribo learns how to socialize, play, and battle the scary vacuum. No matter how much she grows, she will always be a puppy.

How do you puppy?

Sometimes the world is a big confusing place. These puppies seem to be still figuring it out. We’re not laughing at you puppies, we’re laughing with you. 

Baby siblings

What’s the real difference between human babies and puppies? These two seem to think there isn’t one! Their adorable friendship might just be the cutest darn relationship ever.

Kittens vs. puppies

The battle is on! Watch these two different litters of baby animals look totally bewildered as they pounce & play with each other. It’s so cute how they handle this exciting new interaction. Some are spunky and some are shy, but they all make us go “aaaw”.  

Funny compilation

If you’re still needing to see more puppies for National Puppy Day, here’s a compilation of many whose silly behavior will certainly give you a chuckle. 

How are you planning to celebrate National Puppy Day? Leave a comment to let us know. 

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