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What's cuter than all the members of BTS? Well, BTS in pictures of their dogs, of course! Here are some of our favorites.

Here are some adorable photos of BTS with dogs – for research

What’s better than BTS? BTS plus adorable dogs, of course! The sensational K-pop band has always expressed their affinity for dogs – many of them dog-owners themselves. If we didn’t already love them enough for their addictive jams, their animal-lover personalities make our hearts swell. 

One look at the stunning Bangtan Boys and you know why they’re all the rage right now. Add a dash of canine cuteness and BTS soars to new heights of amazingness. Take a gander at these photos of BTS with dogs – your day will instantly get a whole lot sweeter, we promise.

Suga & doggo

This sweet BTS doggo pairing took place on an episode of Run BTS! where the boys all bond with trained dogs. Some of the members became very smitten with the dog they started training – Suga especially. At the end of the episode they even had a little competition! (If you haven’t seen this episode – you absolutely have to.)


V & Tannie

This is a photo of V & his little pomeranian named Yeontan who also goes by Tannie. All of the BTS members absolutely adore Tannie. The group has frequently posted clips & pics featuring V’s lil pupper. While V has said Tannie is pretty camera-shy, the pomeranian is a natural star, trained to give doggy kisses on command. V also has two other dogs in the family – Ssyongssyong & Soonshim.

Jin & Jjangu

This snow-white puppy is named Jjangu, a maltese who was by Jin’s side for twelve years. Sadly, Jjangu passed away in 2017, but he’ll always have a special place in Jin’s heart. Today, Jin is the proud owner of Emuk & Odeng, two sugar gliders. 

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J-Hope & Mickey

Mickey is J-Hope’s itty-bitty Shih Tzu. J-Hope loves to play dress up with Mickey, adorning him with cute bows on his head or cozy outfits on his doggy bod. The two are so sweet together – we can’t stop flipping through their happy photos together.

Jimin & friend

We’re not exactly sure who this little pupper is, but we do know that the dog is meant to be with Jimin. Just look at that love – Jimin looks like he’ll never let him go ever again! Jimin currently doesn’t have a dog, according to the wiki, but we’ll just imagine that these two stuck together.

Group shot! 

It seems like everyone in BTS has a special connection with dogs. We’re not totally sure why these boys are united with dogs here, but we can tell they’re having a blast ogling at the fuzzy friends they’re making.


RM & Rapmon

This fuzzy white eskimo doggie is named Rapmon and belongs to RM. This sleepy puppy has been close to RM since childhood. It’s clear that RM holds him dear – even naming him after his former rap moniker.

Puppies, puppies, puppies!

We just had to include this wonderful BuzzFeed video because it’s literally a BTS & puppy party! Not to mention, it’s fun to hear them answer some fan questions. (That is when you’re not obsessing over how cute they are with the puppies!)

Which BTS puppy photo is your favorite? Let us know below!

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