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.Ever wondered what it would be like to have ducks as pets? Admire at all the cutest & most adorable duck photos we've found just for you here.

Quack up at these hilarious photos of ducks as pets

Having a slow weekday? Enjoy our collection of adorable photos featuring ducks as pets to help brighten your day.

Pet owners can be a tad bit overbearing with their pets, especially if the pets are tiny, fuzzy duckies. But the new parents’ vibes from the pet owners make for some hilarious scenarios, carefully documented of course. 

Ducks as pets is an unusual choice but we’re totally here for the cute beaks and angry bird faces. Let’s take a look at these endearing aquatic animals and their hilarious antics.


Human weddings seemed totally overrated when this dressed up duck pair surfaced on our feeds. How cute!

Pocket cozy

This little ball of fuzz found itself in its owner’s pocket, close to the heart and right where it belongs. 🥺

Sink of ducks 

A WikiHow on giving your pet ducks a little wash & swim! 


We don’t know how safe this is but this little duck looks hella fierce & fly with the miniature skateboard


Human selfies are overrated, ‘tis the time for ducks as pets to shine with duckfies!

Well, duck!

Angry (really, “angy”) ducks are a thing apparently – treat them well as pets, pet owners.


It’s a blessing when all your pets get along – whether they’re ducks or dogs or a mix of the two. 


Even though summer is still ages away, we can still pretend the season is here by dressing up our pets in poolside fashion. 


We don’t identify the individual in the photograph but we’d like to interview him on his feelings about this particular experience. 

Quack, quack 

Sign us up for this express shipping delivery because “quack quack, you have mail” sounds better than plain ol’ ding dong.

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