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It’s no news that a dog is one of the most adorable & loving creatures to walk the Earth. Take a look at these extra good dogs to brighten your day.

Are these dogs the best “good boys” to ever exist?

It’s no news that dogs are some of the most adorable & loving creatures to walk the Earth. If you have a pet dog or have ever had one, you’d know the unconditional love we’re talking about. You pet a dog & call it a good boy or a good girl, and they just won’t stop wagging their tail in delight. To them, nothing’s better than being praised for being their owner’s helping hand.

As a matter of fact, science even provides an explanation as to why dogs are so motivated by praise. Research has shown that being called a good dog has the same effect as dogs being offered a treat. The ferocious wagging of the tails makes a lot more sense now, doesn’t it? 

Even if we move on from science, there’s enough anecdotal evidence on the internet, owners showing off their good dogs left, right, and center. We did some digging & we think these could be the best good boys to ever exist.


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Caring for the sick owner

Hold on, this story has a dramatic arc with a flashback. The owner is sick & running out of medicines, so the dog – who has taught himself to find the pharmacy store, spare cash as well as the medicine – heads out to get the medicine for her. Upon his return, he also tucks her in the bed, even though she was being mean to him in a flashback.

Viewers were bawling their eyes out at this gesture, with comments running the gamut of “We don’t deserve dogs. Just saying” to “He made me cry.” Us too, Sally, us, too. 

Relaxed after a spa day

Do you know how a spa day can make all the difference? Spa treatments help open up the tense muscles in your body, massages bring an almost-orgasmic relief, and help the body to ward off toxins. Now imagine your good dog getting a massage. He was happy with scratches & now he gets loads of them for an hour. 

He’s bound to get too relieved, even flirty. That’s what happened with this good boy, who couldn’t control either his smirk or his wink. We’re not complaining. 

Dogs who are forever seeking answers

Dogs are loyal, but let’s also agree that they can be dumb. Their mental faculties cannot keep up with how badly they want to be good boys for their owners. Case in point: this dog trying to figure out what doors look like – the transparent ones – and has come up with this hack.

Good enough for the good dog, we’d say.

The dog with the mohawk

Normally, we’d see a dude with a mohawk & make our assumptions. He’s more likely to be a bad boy, right? The opposite logic applies when it comes to dogs. The best good dog was born with a mohawk, and one year down he still dons it with panache.

Stanley, the dog with the mohawk is definitely in the race for the best good boys. 


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The dog on a discovery 

There’s nothing more adorable than a dog finding a new shiny object & trying to figure out its purpose. Much like how dogs are endlessly in awe of doors, this dog’s discovery list comprises a dishwasher, a vacuum cleaner, among others. 

The dishwasher encounter steals the spotlight – look at how utterly perplexed Napa is with this shiny, intricate object. Or maybe, he just wants to help with washing dishes.

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